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The following is a Psychiatric Evaluation for Guantanamo Bay, Detainee since 2001 - 
Shaker Aamer 

This becomes a, "SMOKING GUN" against ALL THOSE who have actively participated in my Targeting, in terms of Repeated Complaints of Noise - How is it this a "SMOKING GUN" of Proof for Targeted Individual's in reference to being Tortured by Military Grade Less Lethal, Direct Energy, Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic, Acoustic Weapons Advancements.

Below is an Excerpt of Mr. Shaker Aamer's description of Projection of Sound into his Prison Cell,  there is NO WAY this Detainee who has been in United States Military Custody since 2001 - would have any idea what American and Global Targeted Individual's have flooded and documented ALL OVER THE INTERNET in reference to their TARGETING, on the Streets of American, and other Countries  - Describing the EXACT same Devices Projecting Acoustic Frequencies being Projected Into their Living Spaces, Utilizing the Same Type of Devices - and - Suffering the Same Type of Negative Biological Effects. :   I have documented the various Acoustic Noise Harassment, some of which require Headsets in order to pick up on the extreme low frequency vibroacoustic resonances blasting
(click ABOUT Video to see Extensive links to You Tube Video Uploads at Different Locations Recording Various External Acoustics being Blasted into the Privacy of My Living Space.


Conditions of interrogation and confinement 
Case 1:04-cv-02215-RMC Document 255-2 Filed 04/07/14

The following is a report by EMILY A.KERAM, MD 
I am board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology with a sub-specialization board
certification in Forensic Psychiatry. I have been in practice for over 20 years. I have
treated patients with Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) secondary to both combat
stress and Prisoner of War confinement, at the US Department of Veterans Affairs
Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Santa Rosa, CA for 14 years. I have worked 
as a clinician and a forensic evaluator in a number of jails and prisons in the 
Federal Bureau of Prisons, state prisons, and local detention facilities in North Carolina and 
California. I am familiar with accepted standards of conditions of confinement and 
provision of medical and mental health services to individuals incarcerated in local, 
state, and federal confinement facilities in the United States.

I have evaluated several GTMO detainees over the past ten years at
the request of the Office of Military Commissions-Defense Counsel, the United States District Court, District of Columbia, and several habeas attorneys. The following are some of the issues
I have evaluated in previous assessments of GTMO detainees   

Mr. Aamer has been continuously detained since late 2001. He was first held by the
Northern Alliance. On approximately December 24, 2001 he entered American custody
and was held in Kabul for several days. He was transferred to Kabul Airfield after
several days where he remained for approximately one month. He was subsequently held
at Kandahar Airfield until his transfer to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, where he
arrived on February 14, 2002. We discussed his conditions of confinement in each
 EXCERPT Page 12 of 20

Re: Shaker Aamer
Mr. Aamer endorsed paranoid ideation. He believes there is a device implanted 
behind the wall of his cell that was originally accessed via the utility room and 
is used to introduce some type of beam into his cell 

They are highly advanced in harming human beings. They have devices and 
the devices have some way of maybe beaming, maybe electromagnetism or 
some kind of radiation, but it can harm your body from a distance.

another excerpt is the false belief in the Supernatural

The worst thing about torture is that you don’t know how to think, 
what to do, how to feel. You know you have your mind, but you don’t now how to
react, which is horrible because you feel vulnerable. It’s terrible. We believed that 
the people here; the CIA, the interrogators, use ‘djinn.’ [spirits] The evil djinn
Some of the things that happened, you can’t explain. Some people with think that 
it was drugs or something, but 95% of us believe we got possessed by djinn.” 
"Dirty Wars" book tour.    (scroll down to 3 minute discussion with Chomsky about a
GITMO Detainee. 
I have proof of the existence of the device in my cell. Three times I have heard a
certain steady noise and then had fever, failure of my body to move, shaking, a
feeling of being in a trance, joint pain, and an abnormal heartbeat. I can tell the
concentration of the noise or field. It varies in different places in my cell. I can
move my head to different heights and feel the field strengthen and weaken. 
I think the device is behind the toilet [of his current cell] because they always
used to put me in a side cell but since March 2013 I’m always in the first or
second cell. Most of the time they only do it [activate the device] when other
detainees are far away. I believe they isolate me so they can do it without the
other detainees hearing it or feeling it, so it makes it seem like I’ve lost my mind.”

When asked if he believes the device is real or somehow the product of his mind, Mr. Aamer replied, 
“It’s one of two things. Either the device is really there or it’s a gimmick. They
want me to think there’s a device there and make me believe it by pretending to
check the device at the same time they say to me, ‘You look terrible, are you
feeling okay?’” 
Mr. Aamer finds it suspicious that guards used to open and close the
utility door so often. “Why else why they do that if there’s no device there?” Recently a Filipino electrician employed by a base contractor worked in
the utility room. Mr. Aamer believes he installed a remote control to operate the device. “Since the Filipino came and installed the remote, they [the guards] never open the door to the utility roomagain.” 

Whenever he hears the noise from the device, Mr. Aamer checks the strength and concentration of the field.

4. Review of systems
1.  Headaches (likely migraine) with aura, usually lasting six to eight hours,
occasionally lasting up to 24 hours and usually resolving with sleep; Headaches
may be triggered by exposure to certain fumes, such as the cleaning fluid, Pine
Sol, which is used in his housing. 
2.  Tinnitus consisting of three tones; a constant high pitch, a constant low pitch, and a “thrumming” that sounds like “a hummingbird’s wings.”
3.  Bilateral ear pain
4.  Worsening vision
5.  Asthma symptoms triggered by exposure to dust, cold, and fumes
6.  Urinary retention
7.  Bilateral kidney pain, left greater than right
8.  Chronic constipation
9.  Lower extremity edema 
5. Physical exam
Physical exam was limited by the conditions of the evaluation by my
medical specialty. Of serious concern was the presence of bilateral lower extremity pitting edema, which worsened over the course of the day, from 1+ to 3+.
Additionally, the junction of Mr. Aamer’s ear canal and tympanic membrane was red and weepy bilaterally. Tympanic membranes were visualized bilaterally. 
6. Current medical concerns
1.  Pitting edema
2.  Urinary retention
3.  Migraine headaches
4.  Asthma
5.  GERD (reflux)
6.  Constipation
7.  Tinniuts (ringing in ears)
8.  Otitis media (inflamed middle ear)
9.  Rule-out refractive error 

In addition, what this now proves for Targeted Individual's such as myself who has Documented the External Noise/Frequencies being Blasted into the Privacy of My living Space - that is set up, within your private living space, and UTILIZED FOR HARASSMENT and TORTURE - that what is being done behind the Prison's of Guantanamo Bay, and other Military Detention Facilities - are what is being CONDUCTED on the STREETS OF AMERICA - upon and against Solo Targeted Individual's -  

Although, this Psychiatrist, states this man has Paranoid Ideation's upon describing the "DEVICE" behind the wall of his Prison Cell, she is not acknowledging, or being told not to identify the Military Grade Acoustic Weapons Arsenal, long since published as a Less Lethal Anti-Personnel Methods for Crowd Control - Projection of Sound i.e. Directional Ultrasound or Ultrasonic in the form of Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD), Hypersonic Sound System, Audio Spotlight, which focus a High Frequency Beam of Ultrasound/Ultrasonic Beam, or Solid Drive Speakers Built into the Walls -  - 

She also appears to be ignorant of the following Medical Information in reference to exposure to Various Acoustic frequeny ranges over a long period of time called Vibroacoustic Disease, and some of the Negative Biological Symptoms Mr. Shaker Aamer suffers from can be found in the Stages of this Disease - only for the Detainee, and Targeted Individual's these Acoustic Weapons are being deliberately BLASTED at the Target. 

The stages of Vibroacoustic Disease are as follows:
Stage 1 - MILD (1-4 years) Slight mood swings, indigestion, heartburn, mouth/throat infections, bronchitis
Stage 2 - MODERATE (4-10 years) Chest pain, definite mood swings, back pain, fatigue, skin infections (fungal, viral, and parasitic), inflammation of stomach lining, pain and blood in urine, conjunctivitis, allergies.
Stage 3 - SEVERE (> 10 years) psychiatric disturbances, hemorrhages (nasal, digestive, conjunctive mucosa) varicose veins, hemorrhoids, duodenal ulcers, spastic colitis, decrease in visual acuity, headaches, severe joint pain, intense muscular pain, neurological disturbances. (Source - MONITORING VIBROACOUSTIC DISEASE, by Branco, Pimenta, Ferreira, and Alves -Pereira)

From the National Institute of Health

The clinical stages of vibroacoustic disease.



Vibroacoustic disease (VAD) is an occupational disease occurring in susceptible workers who have had long-term exposure (> or = 10 yr) to large pressure amplitude (> or =90 dB SPL) and low frequency noise (< or = 500 Hz)...

RESULTS based upon the following decibles of exposure

We have classified VAD in function of the time it took for 50% of the population to acquire the relevant sign or symptom. Stage I, mild signs (behavioral and mood associated with repeated infections of the respiratory tract, e.g., bronchitis); Stage II, moderate signs (depression and aggressiveness, pericardial thickening and other extracellular matrix changes, light to moderate hearing impairment, and discrete neurovascular disorders); Stage III, severe signs (myocardial infarction, stroke, malignancy, epilepsy, and suicide).

The following STORY from my Google+ has link after link describing the Less Lethal Anti Personnel Weapons Capabilities, to include Field Testing, and Biological Effects.  

In addition, below You Tube Video of a Registration Form I received for the Directed Energy Weapons Symposium, 2014, what this shows is not only do the Non Lethal Directed Energy Weapons Exist, but for the Classified Meetings/Sessions you must have Top Secret Security Clearance, and No Foreigners (NOFORN) are allowed into these meetings/sessions

DoD/NSA - Classified Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) Symposium Reg. 

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