Friday, April 11, 2014

7 am Residential Group Colloboration Wake Up Call - Via Acoustic Harassment

April 11, 2014

At approximately 7:15 am I was woken from sleep, from which I wear 33 db ear plugs due to the Acoustic Projection, in particular Acoustic Vibration or Vibro-Acoustic Resonance which causes the room to acoustically vibrate at an extreme low frequency at several thousand cycles per second.  It is akin to Infrasound Resonance, and sometimes can be heard as a Buzzing Hum that projects from Power Lines.

Due to my accusations and complaint about various resident's who are Actively Participating in Residential Harassment, in order to create a Hostile Living Environment - with the Motive to Get Me Out of this Building.  These are the Same Resident's who are the FIRST to Complain to the Building Owner and Rental Agent - In particular the main culprit Michael -

Thus establishing a Conspiracy to Commit - Residential Collaboration - Deploying and Executing the Noise Harassment at 7 am - 7:30 am - in order to deliberately Disrupt my peaceful sleeping.

The video is also posted to my You Tube Channel

While the 7 am Am Collective Resident's were utilizing the Internal Noise/Acoustic Harassment to wake me up - There are other External (Non Line of Sight - Street &/or other Building Locations) which are MICROPHONE'd that Transmit the External Noise/Sounds, Talking, etc. Wirelessly into a Set Up Sound System which then projects those External Sounds/Noices via Hidden or Line of Sight Directional Ultrasound Speakers and/or Solid Driven Speakers set up in Crawl Spaces, Walls - etc.  (see example links below)

 Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

Audio Spotlight aka Directional Beams of Sound via Ultrasound

These Solid Drives would be Build it or Sitting on so that Sound Can travel through Walls, etc. 

NOTE:  I am also noticing WRITTEN CODE prior to opening my Legally Documented information be it You Tube, this Blog Spot - which means continued Cyber Terrorism - Criminal Re-Write of Coding in order to OBSTRUCT this LEGALLY DOCUMENTED information from either being Shown or Found.  The same goes for my You Tube Channel in which these Civilian Domestic Terrorist with Access to National Security Cyber Capabilities are Criminally Tampering with Legally Documented Information.  That constitutes not only Obstruction of Justice - but Cyber Terrorist Activities -

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