Saturday, April 19, 2014

901 S. Catalina Another FAST MOVE, Clean Up, and MOVE IN of DOMESTIC TERRORIST Member's

April 19, 2014

Yesterday, they were cleaning out yet another room in the building, the Usual QUICK MOVE, CLEAN UP, and MOVE IN of Yet more member's of this Domestic Terrorist Organization. 

The usual excuse with these Korean's that they SUDDENLY MOVED back to S. KOREA. 

Yet, it is Standard "LIES" provided by the owner of this building, Song Cha Choe, and the literal FACT that what really transpires is these Domestic and Biological Technological Terrorist's want to MOVE in Yet another SERIES of TERRORIST'S into this BUILDING. 

Bottom line for me, I will give it one more try with actual Legal Assistance, then I am going to request ORGANIZED CRIME - Intervene on my behalf. 


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