Sunday, April 13, 2014

RESIDENTIAL HOSTILITY: TACTIC: Provocation Utilizing Derogatory or Demeaning Comments - Then FLIPS Out when Confronted

Provoked by Residents Michael, who loses it and comes after me.  Here is a short video clip, along with a Still of how close he gets into my face, threatening to Take My Cell Phone and Destroy it.

I am utilizing it because of how this man acts, and thinks he can come up on me when he starts to make comments about How I Need to Take My Meds, How Stupid I Am, etc.  Also, states that There were NO BED BUGS - and That I was making things Up.  Only problem, I was not the Person who DETERMINED there was a need to spray.  After they Checked the Mattress and did not find anything, it was agreed with the Rental Agent that he would go out and purchase the bug mists - But when I asked to have the Box Spring Checked, the Exterminators was the one who FOUND it, and stated that they needed to spray.

As such, once again, Michael makes a False Claim publicly - in order to discredit me.  So, if he knows there were none, then I spent March 29, 2014 and April 12, 2014 away from my room for a set up - nothing...  ???? 

In the above video you see him leaving the stairs - and then he gets up in my face - the camera took this photo of how close he gets into my face, threatening to take my cell phone and destroy it.  But having the Video / Camera makes it necessary to SHOW how Up in Your Face He Will Get....

The following Video is from March 29, 2014 - Exterminator's in my room.  It was determined, not by me, but by the Exterminator' Inspector that there were traces of Bed Bugs in the Box Spring.

Michael attempted to Provoke me by making highly derogatory statements in my face and publicly, and LIE to other Resident's that I had somehow made up the entire Bed Bug situation, but this Video is to show, he is the one who was going around to other resident's LYING to them.

Once again, I did not make any determinations, that was done by what was found in my box spring by the Inspector, who determined that My Room bed and room should be sprayed.

But this incident was a Targeted Hit by this Community and Residential Street Terrorism Organization, because only two rooms were Targeted.  Mine, and Matt's room, which was on the other side of the building.  

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