Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TACTIC: Petty Theft or Removal/Return of Property Used on Daily Basis

April 23, 2014

22:30 PM

Was getting ready to prepare my coffee for the next morning, when I noticed that the Inner Metal Filter that holds the Coffee Grounds to my Espresso Machine was GONE -

These type Property Removal and Theft of various small and/or petty Items are done with a Premeditated Motive to Harass, Intimidate, and Deprive me of something, that I generally Utilize on a Daily Basis.  

The latest Theft/Removal of Private Property, the metal filter that holds the Coffee Grounds for my Espresso Machine - It is a continuation of several months of Residential and Community Based Harassment, Street Terrorism,  Hostile and Violent Living Environment, for the purpose of Getting Me Out of This Residence, and Neighborhood.  Based upon an Orchestrated Slander and Libel Campaign conducted by Member's of this Domestic Terrorist Cult.  

As such, I have posted onto You Tube, along with My Blog this information - in order to request Outside Assistance by Giving the Full Location of this Residence Away - in order to MITIGATE and STOP ANY FURTHER THEFT, REMOVAL of PRIVATE PROPERTY, and A CEASE AND DESIST ON THE CONSTANT RESIDENTIAL AND COMMUNITY HARASSMENT that CONTINUES TO TRANSPIRE.  

901 S. CATALINA, LOS ANGELES, CA - Where Residential and Community Street Terrorism,  and Terrorist Activities are Deployed and Executed by so called Upstanding Member's of the Community, who work together to terrorize, harass, cover up their crimes, set up, provoke, and entrap a target individual whom their Elitist Group feels do not belong in their Communities.   It is no different than what the German's did to the German Jewish during the rise of Nazi, Germany in their crusade to expel, cleans, and exterminate those they felt were inferior to them - only in the United States it is a Multi-Cultural Group doing the exact same thing.  

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