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Documentation First Hand Witness about March 30, 2014 Incident With Tenant Dan and Matt

On March 30, 2014
At approximately 12:45 / 1 AM

An incident broke out at 901/905 S. Catalina between Tenant Dan over something Matt was saying in reference to Matt's non disbelief that he/Dan was making a living off his Gambling, and other things like Downtown not being more dangerous, along with some Social Security/Disability Golds Gym Membership.  

Dan took it wrong, and started to confront Matt over his/Matt's disbelief about who Dan said he was, which escalated to the point where Dan came up to a sitting Matt yelling at him, and slapped Matt hard in the face.  

At which point Matt got up to defend himself, and took hold of an empty chair and pushed it towards Dan, which may have hit him, but was Matt's form of self defense after being slapped hard in the face.

At this point, two other male tenants Michael and Angel who were sitting away from the actual incident, jumped up to intervene from further escalation.  Of which both men were immediately on the defense of Dan, as opposed to Matt who was the actual victim that was attacked first.  

Matt took off, and Dan saw him across the street on the North/East Corner of S. Catalina and James M Woods speaking to Law Enforcement - who were still on site for another incident that brought out approximately (5-8 or more) black and whites, along with Fire and EMT - and what appeared to be Corners or Forensics still on scene at that time, and until approximately 2 am.   He/Dan indicated that he believed Matt was going to have him arrested, and was waiting for LAPD to come to this location.  

Finally, Dan stated he was going to go back to his room, after the LAPD did not arrive at this location.  He left. 

Shortly after Dan went inside, Michael's phone rang , in what appears to have been Dan telephoning Michael to go inside.  Michael, then asked Angel to come inside because he wanted to show him something, but what it appeared were the three men, attempting to Co-Oberate their stories and to back Dan up about the Chair, should Dan be confronted by LAPD about what transpired.  (phone records can indicate the call Michael received from what number or vis versa and the given time frame the incoming (michael) or outgoing (dan) transpired to co-oborate this Statement)

Here is the bottom line:
Matt may have suggested repeatedly that he no longer believed these stories Dan was telling about his life, making his living, etc, but it was Dan who walked up to Matt, and Dan who threw the first blow by Slapping a Sitting Matt really hard on the face, almost knocking him.Matt out of the chair.  

What stories/narrative the three men come up with is anyone's guess - but by collaborating and conspiring, their Testimonies should be suspect in particular since Michael already has a history of making up lies in order to suit his own agendas.  (see below)

1. Michael moved his chair away from where Dan, Matt, Myself, and Angel were sitting, and talking, and moved a chair against the wall of 3040/3042 James E Woods, which my vehicle would block the view - This was done because Michael cannot stand even looking at me,  and moved away from where we were all talking. 

2. Angel moved over to where Michael was sitting

3. I was sitting next to Matt, and witnessed Dan getting into Matts face then slapping him hard while Matt was sitting.

4. Michael and Angel only stepped in after Matt had gotten up to defend himself from the blow he took.  

RESIDENT MICHAEL'S CREDIBILITY and ABILITY TO LIE - is to be legally Questioned.  

There was another incident with Michael assuming the role of Truth Teller, and not Eye Witness only he did this to Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

It happened at 905/907 S. Catalina whereby Rental Agent, Keith Kim and a male resident at 905/907 S. Catalina  got into an altercation whom He/Keith Kim claim's threatened him.  

Mr. Kim and this young man were arguing and due to who threatened whom, I cannot say for sure, almost went to blows with each other, and in order to stop a physical altercation yelled Keith's name in an attempt to stop what appeared to be the start of physical violence.  The young man then asked me if I had heard Mr. Kim threatening him, which all I could surmise was the two of them claiming the other Threatened each other.  

Upon yelling to get Keith's attention away from a possible physical fight, I Yelled His Name Twice, which temporarily Stopped the Confrontation.  But because Keith was so angry at what he stated was a physical threat given by this young man, when the young man started walking away down the driveway, he made reference to the fact that Keith was lucky that this young man did not have his knife or the next time he threatened him he would use the knife he had in his room.  

Upon hearing what this young man had said, Keith, then bolted after this young man and chased him down the street.  

Needless to say the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was called by the young man, in a second call to have Law Enforcement arrive after another incident at the same 905/907 location earlier - from which the Officer's asked if anyone had WITNESSED the incident between Keith and this young man.   Because I was outside at that time smoking I was there.  Upon attempting to provide my statement to LAPD, I was immediately Interrupted by Michael, who was inside his room, behind closed curtains, and NOT in the back parking area during the incident, proclaiming I did not know what I was talking about.  First LIE

 Michael then indicated to the LAPD that I, the Eye Witness did not know what I was talking about, let Him/Michael Explain everything, and that "HE" /Michael knew exactly what transpired, even though he was inside his room, away from the back parking area, and basically indicated that he was the Witness - as opposed to hearing the last portion, before Keith went running after this young man, whom he felt threatened him with a knife.  

What Michael OVERHEARD in the Driveway was the Young Man walking away, and making reference to using a Knife the NEXT TIME but NOT the actual incident that transpired outside in the back parking area, which I was attempting to explain to the LAPD.

The point being, Michael assumed the role of being some type of Expert Know IT All, when he was not the Eye Witness, OR Even outside at the time, and basically LIED to the LAPD as if He/Michael had Witnessed the Entire Incident.  

This is to Establish that Michael will LIE, or give half truths in order to Shape the Narrative he wants to Promote, and this included proclaiming to be the Eye Witness and know it all about what REALLY transpired.  When in point of literal legal FACT he in the case of the 905/907 incident was inside his room, behind closed curtains - or in the case between Tenant Dan and Matt, had moved his chair away because he cannot stand looking or being around me, thus was behind my car, in the darkened area.  

The point being if Michael can LIE to LAPD and proclaim himself to be the EYE WITNESS - to something he was not even outside to witness, he is capable of LYING about ANY NUMBER OF ISSUES - just to promote the agenda he is attempting to promote, for himself or someone else.  

This is also to establish that there are times when Mr. Kim can get mad, and defensive, and blaming it on Matt saying he was the one who brought it in because he stayed in some hotel, as he initially did with Matt when Matt told him about the Bed Bugs.  Keith did apologize later, and get the exterminator's but not until Matt hung up on him, and basically said he was not going to deal with Keith anymore.   

This was the same with Keith being on the side of the two male tenants in question at 905/907 S. Catalina, then turning completely against them, due to non payment of rent, but which he indicated prior to me that he thought the Building Owner of 905/907 was Crazy, and always causing problems for the Tenants, and that he stopped being her Rental Agent because of it.  

ALSO READ THE FOLLOWING BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT RESIDENT MICHAEL and What I was told has been going around this Residential Location:

Bed Bugs and Pre-Meditated Retaliation


Here are some quotes of what he/Michael stated to me publicly in front of two other residents:
"Just looking at you makes me sick"
"No one around here gives a shit about what you have to say"
"When I think of you it is like, Here is Shit, and there is You, it's the same"

The following is what I was told:
1. Mainly resident Michael has been seriously Bad mouthing me to ALL OTHER RESIDENTS
a. Michael appears to have a direct link to the Owners' thus whenever he does something, the Owner's have already told him it is alright, because as Michael stated out loud - "Your words mean nothing to ANYONE AROUND HERE" 

2. Michael Claimed to other Resident's that the OWNER'S have been trying to find a way to Evict me  (establishes Premeditation - in terms of Hostile living environment, and why Owner  continues to ALLOW Michael to speak to me with such hostility, grab and shove me because he has already been told by the Owners' they will BACK HIM.  

a. Also explained that Michael has been attempting to get me Evicted for months. Thus, collaboration and conspiracy to commit with property Owner, along with inciting other Residents to take his side.  


 Due to what this Resident Michael has been allowed to get away with, it now establishes that he feel comfortable enough with the Building Owner, and family to do or say whatever he wants against me -  because as he once again put it.  "Your words mean nothing to ANYONE AROUND HERE" 

By having this confirmation, it LITERALLY established for me the following:
1. Premeditation - and allowing for acts and actions to NOT be dealt with, in particular on the part of Michael -
a. The owner has always sided with Michael - thus no matter what I have let her know about what is transpiring, She has refused to act upon these complaints -
2. Resident Michael says whatever he wants because he has already established with the Owner that no matter what he says or does - the OWNER will back him up.
3. That this Resident Michael has been the Culprit for many months, which have caused a rift between other Residents who clearly stated to me - that when speaking with me one on one or when this Michael is not around - EVERYTHING IS FINE...

What Michael has been accusing me of, but I was already told to get things on Video to Establish the Who is going what.
1. That I think I am the next Edward Snowden
2. That I talk shit all the time
3. That I am some conspiracy lunatic
4. That Obama has me under surveillance
5. That I am the one who is spying on them -
6. That I am a Lunatic and Crazy
7. That I am the person who is miserable

 Also note:  These are what is called Established Talking Points that the PerpetratorCommunity are told to utilize when attempted to reverse the Blame away from them or their culpibility and guilt. And, to Minimize the magnitude of what they are attempting to cover up.

 Case in point - The Aggressive Nature of the Building Owner's daughter on Saturday clearly established this - When she attempted to Reverse the Blame - by way of making it appears
1. That they were doing us a favor by bringing in the Exterminators for Bed Bugs
2. That I should somehow be Grateful to them for doing this (but the law states it is their legal obligation to do this)
3. That I must be a totally Miserable person - that is why I am like this (same narrative Michael repeatedly attempts to project towards me)

As opposed to THE LITERAL AND EXPENSIVE FACT'S of ME and ANOTHER having to deal with the bed bugs, do massive and costly wash, be out of my room for (12) plus hours - all the INCONVENIENCE'S and burden were UPON MYSELF and the other Tenant - NOT UPON the OWNER or this OWNER'S DAUGHTER -  and then to be SERIOUSLY VERBALLY ATTACKED by the OWNERS DAUGHTER when asked if they WOULD REIMBURSE US FOR THE WASHING WE WERE GOING OUT TO DO...

This is the HOSTILITY that I have dealt with, but to have it witnessed and then happen to another new tenant was basically LEGAL VALIDATION - for me -

That the Credibility of building owner, along with this Resident Michael - can now come into serious question due to what another Tenant experienced first hand, and how this Tenant was treated but also how I was treated.  



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