Thursday, April 10, 2014

Biological Technological Weapons i.e. Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Hands of Residents and Community Members: Are to be Charged with DOMSTIC TERRORISM

April 10, 2014

Resident's at this location are going Off Site, but within Walking Distance, which means the Site is within a block or two radius, whereby, they are being given access to the Biological Technological Weapons of Mass Destruction in the form of Cognitive Neurotechnology Targeting.

As such, within the radius of 901 S. Catalina, Los Angeles, CA - You will find the Site Location of Where the Training and Criminal, Illegal Access to these Weapons of Mass Destruction are.

This shows that they are worried and were probably given inside information via Recruited Members' into this Domestic Terrorist Organization, which has infiltrated all segments of Society, this includes Local, State, and Federal Agencies, and they give a Heads Up when something is or can happen within the Residential Complaint Victim's Location.

As such, they are moving the Biological Weapons Away from Direct location, and accessing from within Walking Distance to this residential location.   The North/East Corner of S. Catalina and James E Woods - but they are gathering within walking distance, and that necessitates FURTHER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS INTO.

STINGRAY -  can be used for GPS location tracking, and where you find an INFLUX is where you will ISOLATE the LOCATIONS -

If, these Residential Perps are continuing to Target from this Location, it will be in the UPSTAIRS UNITS where some of the WEAPONS are HOUSED.

This includes the HYPERSONIC DIRECTIONAL ULTRASOUND SPEAKERS which BLASTS - Infrasonic Resonance throughout my room, and different parts of the building.

But the isolation of sound comes from the upper units down - it can also be picked up heavily in the Ventilation are from the roof down throughout the Bathroom area - but the VIBRO-ACOUSTIC BLASTING - comes from Weaponry set up in this Residential Location - 

Most of what is done is DIRECTED and PROJECTED meaning, EXTERNAL MICROPHONES are set up in various location for Outside Domestic Terrorist Perps - who are given the locations of where these Microphones are set up - so that they can IDLE VEHICLES or else TALK LOUDLY - which is then PROJECTED VIA DIRECTIONAL ULTRASOUND SPEAKERS that are Directed and Projected into the privacy of my living space.

These are done from open areas - between walls - where these spotlight speakers are places so as to create the most RESONANCE from the Acoustic Weapons Blasting.

The following Policy Reports Prove that the Department of Defense is seeking to Advance Cognitive Neuroscience and Nano-Neuroscience for Defense and Offensive Militarized Capabilities - and Considers them Biological-Technological Weapons and a Means of Weaponized Mass Subjugation -

Volume 2, 2011
Thematic Section

Security, Intelligence and Defense Editors: James Giordano, PhD, Chris Forsythe, PhD

This article outlines a series of intersections that highlight the potential for strategic fruitful support of basic neuroscience research to enhance technological design and training for national defense intelligence efforts. 

These intersections include ideas related to acclimatizing the defense community for change and adaptation to new definitions of warfare, increasing scientific literacy about neuroimaging methods for improved partnerships between basic and applied research, balancing translation goals between advancing research and enhancing mission capabilities, and aligning social neuroscience paradigms with training needs.  The discussion also provides an overview of research activity funded from within and outside Department of Defense agencies from the recent past and work in progress compared with efforts highlighted in the report, “Opportunities in Neuroscience for Future Army Applications” by the National Research Council (2009). Finally, as a means of discussing the migration of neurotechnologies to national security applications, the notions of fitness and enhancing physical health, well-being and quality of life are presented in the context of products and strategies that people currently adopt for these purposes. 

In this light, we have identified four interactive areas of
neuroscience that could affect and be important for national security; these are

1. Nano-neuroscience
Nano-substances and devices may be engineered to alter neural networks, induce changes in 
properties of the nervous system from periphery to brain,and affect sensitivity to internal and/or 
external stimuli.  Nano-neurotechnologies could therefore be used to modify cognitive, emotional 
and/or behavioral functions, and in this way affect mental and motor capacity, alter mood or cause 
near - and long-term disability.  Such a capability might be used to modify the function of 
national intelligence and security personnel, and/or could be employed in a) combat 
(both to enhance performance of troops, as well as impair function of enemy warfighters) 
and/or  b) by our enemies as a form of biological-technological terrorism and a means of 
mass subjugation. 

2. Advanced pharmacologicals:  Augmented cognition and neural performance improvement )
and/or degradation) can be achieved through the use of psycho-neuropharmeceuticals.  
As mentioned above, these agents could be administered via nano-delivery systems that 
allow enhanced access to the central  nervous system (CNS) in ways that maximize biological 
(and ultimately psycho-social) effect(s), yet could easily elude detection.  Similarly,
pharmaceuticals can be linked to brain stimulation technologies (vide infra) to synergize 
effects in modifying specific cognitive, motoric, emotional and/or behavioral processes. 

3. Neuro-imaging and neuro-manipulative devices:  Current and prospective developments in 
neuroimaging offer the potential to visualize relatively site and network specific brain processes 
that are putatively involved in (or may explicitly subserve) various cognitive-emotional and 
behavioral functions.  Identifying these neurological axes could provide means to investigate -
 if not "detect" and/or "reveal" - mental states.  But imaging alone, at least in its current iteration(s), 
while useful in the scientific and medical investigation of cerebral function, may be of limited utility
 for practical application of brain-mind science for intelligence and defense purposes.  
Efforts are underway that focus more upon measuring (i.e. quantifying and qualitatively defining) 
brain activity, in attempt to provide indications of "what", if not "why" cognitive and/or 
emotional processes (such as deceit, intent, aggression, etc.) occur.  Obviously, this has 
given rise to hypothetical "mind reading" scenarios, and, like other aspects of 
neurotechnological research and applications, has prompted considerable debate 
about the validity, value and ethical implications of such devices and techniques.  Moreover, imaging/measurement can be yoked to neuro-interventional technologies 
(e.g., transcranial magnetic simulations (tMS) pharmacologicals) to guide or 
enable manipulation neurological activity.  Simply put, near-future iterations of 
these technological (either as stand-alone modalities, or if used in convergence) 
make the notion of biotechnologically "altering brains" to " changing minds" evermore viable. 

4. Neuroinformatics and cyber-neurosystems:  The linking of rapidly advancing computational 
capabilities to neurotechnology has established three major domains of progress.  The first is the 
use of computational systems and models to augment human cognitive processes
 (i.e., human-computer interfaces), the second is in reverse-engineering cognitive mechanisms 
to create computational techniques and systems to achieve efficient and robust machine
intelligence(s), and the third is the data banking of information (about neural structure-including genotypes-and functions) to facilitate real-time access, analyses and use.   

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