Wednesday, April 30, 2014

PSYOP TACTIC: Use of LAPD in Targeting for Intimidation Purposes

April 30, 2014

The following You Tube Video will Outline the Use of Local Law Enforcement Agencies in the Overall Street Terrorism that transpires against a Targeted Individual. 

The PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION is Utilized for the Purpose of Visual and Psychological Intimidation, and generally the "Incidents" is generally Orchestrated Street Theater, whereby the "Incident" will be:

Where Each Date of Incident Starts in You Tube Video

0:01/5:39 : March 21, 2014 - LAPD Arrives to 905/907 S. Catalina, with Non Lethal Weapons - RE: Lone Veteran with 9mm, holed up in his former residence, stating he was going to kill himself. ONLY PROBLEM - no Police, No Fire, No EMT VEHICLES on this day, just BLACK and WHITE with GUNS and Less Lethal Munitions i.e. taser, rubber bullets, etc (Total Orchestrated Street Theater)

2:23/5:39 : March 29, 2014: Transpired on the North/East Corner of 800/900 Block of S. Catalina and James E Wood. To date I have not found Any Information about what Transpired on March 29 incident - But Law Enforcement was on scene till approximately 2 AM March 30, 2014.

4:34/5:39 : April 29, 2014: Typical out of control behavior from a Recruited and Active Participating Residential Perp, who will GET THEMSELVES INTO SOME MESS, from which LAPD is called to FIX the MESS they got into.

The following is the Conspiracy Against Rights, and Obstruction of Justice - whereby, Recruited Civilian Perps are provided with inside Law Enforcement Information in order to conveniently be gone from the premises, should LAPD be required to investigate, based upon a Formal Complaint. 

 LAPD Obstruction of Justice Arrives Almost (30) days after a March 30, 2014 Assault on Tenant Matt

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