Wednesday, April 2, 2014

(888) 701 4500 Los Angeles County Dep of Public Health (Bed Bug Complaint) or Tigerlight Non Lethal Weapons Co

April 2, 2014

- Bed Bug Complaint - GOES - Non Lethal Weapons Manufacture - 

The following You Tube Video will provide a visual and documentation about what transpired this afternoon after receiving an incoming call from what appeared to be the Los Angeles County Public Health Department in reference to a Complaint I filed about Bed Bugs found under my Box Spring, the Exterminator Spraying, and hostility by the Owner's Daughter.  Upon calling back the incoming telephone number for follow up questions for Robert, at what I thought was the LA County Public Health Department, was Shocked to hear a Non Lethal Weapons Manufacture by the name of TigerLight answer the incoming call ID number.

888 701 4500 LA Dep of Public Health or Tigerlight Non Lethal Weapons Co


TMobile Call/Caller ID Log History
Incoming, Wed 13:36
1 (888) 701-4500
Robert - LA County Public Health: Claiming to have received my complaint about the Bed Bug issue at 901 S. Catalina St., Los Angeles, CA -
a. His records showed that this location only had a Four Unit Dwelling, not (20) room rental.  Placed me on hold to check for more information.
b. Stated that the Building Owner and Myself would receive a Letter about Inspection and Fixing the problem, and that they had (21) days to comply.
c. I stated there may be other problems due to the comings and going every couple of months with residents, and that they/Bed Bugs could be in other locations within this dwelling.

Because I wanted to confirm something with this Robert, I simply called back the number via my PDA/Cell Phone Call History incoming call at 13:36 PM - 

This is what I got when the person on the other end Answered my outgoing call back number.

Outgoing, Wed 14:29
1 (888) 701-4500

Michael from TigerLight

Upon the person at the other end Answering the phone, and realizing immediately it was NOT the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.  My silence at the beginning and confusion was totally due to NOT hearing someone stating that they were from the LA Country Public Health Department, but some Non Lethal Weapons Company.  Non Lethal in the form of Anti Personnel Incapacitation Weapons - to include this Brand New Non Lethal this man started telling me about.

What this may also begin to establishes for me is the Literal Fact, which I have documented repeatedly that This Private Residential Location - is being Utilized for Non Lethal or Less Lethal Weapons Field Testing, and/or Training - That these type of Non or Less Lethals and a myriad of other Less Lethal Anti Personnel Weapons are being put in the hands Civilian Group or Groups, under False Flag Operations (False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appears as if they are being carried out by other entities), and the fraudulent guise of some Neighborhood Watch/Community Liaison Group - who have been so radicalized into extremism that they Fire these Less Lethal's Indiscriminately upon and against my living space, and human person.

As such, upon having this TigerLight answer the caller ID dial back, as opposed to me thinking it was the Los Angeles County Public Health Department - I was more than shocked, as he identified what they were about, a Non Lethal Weapons manufacturing company.

Here is a print screen of the above Link for TigerLight, and in the right hand corner you will see their Contact Number i.e Call Us Today 1 888 701-4500

Also note: LA Sheriff's and LAPD Department (to view larger image: Click Image, then Right Click, choose Open Image in New Window or click the link to TigerLight website, and you will see the phone number in the right top corner)

Complaint to the Department of Public Health via the LA County Public Health Website (to view larger image: click Image, then Right Click, choose Open Image in New Window )

This is what needs to be INVESTIGATED:
1. Who does the following 1 (888) 701-4500 actually belong to?
a. Los Angeles County Public Health Department
b. TigerLight

2. If, it is not the Los Angeles County Public Health Department - then who was posing as an employee for this Government Agency?  How did they get the complaint information?  and/or Is there an employee within the Los Angeles Country Public Health Department who is also a recruit into this Domestic Terrorist Organization?

3. Why is a New Non or Less Lethal Anti Personnel Weapon associated with that number and used to contact me about my LA Public Health Complaint?

4.  Anti Personnel Less Lethal/Non Lethal/Non Kinetic Weapons Field Testing on American Soil, in residential neighborhoods?

This NOW appears to be serious criminal fraud, and fraudulent misrepresentation, and any other Criminal Felonies a Lawyer and/or Law Firm can provide, but a criminal investigation is necessary, the only problem based on the TigerLight Non Lethal Weapons Company - Los Angeles Police and Sheriff's Department's utilize their Anti Personnel Weaponry.

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