Saturday, April 12, 2014

Apr 12 2014: 2nd Bed Bug Spraying - and the SADISTIC ENJOYMENT STREET TERRORIST GET

April 12, 2014
09:18 AM PDT

Sealing items, and others, getting ready for the 2nd round of BED BUG Spraying due to the Residential and/or Community Street Terrorist Perps who Placed these Bed Bugs into the Room in order to do exactly this - CAUSE a Public Health and Safety Issue for me - and in a Failed Attempt to get me Out of this

Residential Location at 901 S. Catalina, Los Angeles, CA.  but Not limited to this Residence itself.  There are "SEVERAL" Gathering Points where these Radicalized Extremist Civilian Cult Member's gather from other Parts of S. Catalina, to Kennmore, and the Surrounding Areas - but in ALL Cases they GATHER -

The MOTIVES on the Part of this Residential and Street Terrorism Organization are Crystal Clear, and eventually "They" all will be brought to full scale Felony Justice for such Overt and Covert Targeting that has led to the LOSS of Millions of Dollars over the years that I have been Targeted, and the UNTOLD Medical, Dental and Optical DAMAGES sustained by such VIOLENT, VISCOUS,  Hard Core RETALIATION by this Radicalized Civilians' with Terrorist Access to United States Department of Defense Weaponized Technologies, and Biotechnologies.  State, Corporate, and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and Covered Up. 

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